Los de Adentro

Hailing from Baranquilla, Colombia, this three-piece comprises lead singer Joe Carvajal, guitarist Eliuth Martinez, and keyboardist Johan Daccarett. They're not exactly new to the game, but so far, their success has remained corralled in Latin America. It's a shame, because their talent is legit. The trio delivers thoughtful lyrics via a melodic hybrid of pop, alternative, and Latin rock. And of course there's that ever-present, undeniable Colombian flavor that rocketed similarly inclined artists like Shakira, Juanes, and Bacilos to popularity.

Yet theirs has not been a story of unbridled success. Though Los de Adentro boasts a handful of albums under their belt, they've also survived a three-year hiatus, and the popularity of their biggest single so far, "Una Canción," is well behind them. Still, they continue to press on, garnering fans across Latin America and remaining largely underappreciated stateside. But this Thursday at Santo, you can see for yourself just why they're worthy of praise.


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