Locos por Juana

Locos por Juana's new EP, Evolución, is aptly named. The band's perpetually in a state of motion, and not just in the midst of their frenzied live performances around town, but in everything they do. For starters, you might have noticed that the group's lineup is now two members slimmer following the departure of trumpet player Emiliano Torres and bassist El Chamo.

Not to worry, though. Vocalist Itagui, guitarist Mark Kondrat, drummer Javier Delgado, and percussionist Alan Reyna carry on doing exactly what that new title promises. The new EP employs a stylized sound and more pronounced electronic influences it continues to work out live, including this Friday at Jazid. Catch new tracks off the EP, like "Afro Sound," "La Chismosa," and "Plata o Plomo," as well as old favorites like "La Nalga."


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