Local Motion

Jacuzzi Boys/Woven Bones

"The Countess"/"Grown Crazy" split

(Needless Records)


Miami local music


Here's another quality split from South Florida's superinfectious Jacuzzi Boys and Orlando's Woven Bones. Edgy, surreal guitars propel this 45 into the ne'er-do-well regions of the mind. Is it a coincidence I've been singing Jacuzzi Boys' praises as of late? Nah! I thought their shtick wouldn't last, but as usual, I am proven wrong. This is pure rock 'n' roll devoid of the bullshit that permeates Top 40 radio and album-oriented rock. The time to rejoice is now, and in these trying financial times, this is actually gonna make you feel good: two solid numbers that are easy on your wallet and your soul.

Tony Kapel

Closing Time DVD (self-released)


Tony Kapel is a musician, artist, filmmaker, and scribe who's taken it upon himself to trace the connections between local art and music scenes. With gathered footage years in the making, he pretty much tackles all the heavy hitters of Miami art past and present. Expect Jesse Jackson, Machete, Rachel Goodrich, and Ravelstein discussed alongside the TM Sisters, Manny Prieres, Aiden Dillard, and the better-looking bulk of the Boyz of Bazel. This documentary plays no favorites and portrays everyone in their full local glory. It's enjoyable for those in the know and informative for those who aren't.


"Aware" (self-released)


So the needle hasn't yet hit the lead groove and I already know this guy needs to be medicated. Here's a seven-inch single made the way they're supposed to be built. There's a fold-out poster, a 1.5-inch button, a home-silk-screened patch, a sticker, and a clear wax record that stems from the fringes of rock 'n' roll psychosis. Good fun! Teepee twangs guitar with the Electric Bunnies nowadays, and this solo piece is replete with echoes and programmed beats that pretty much say, "Baker Act me in a good way, baby." I expect a lot from this young man. Sheeeeeeeee-it! Two hot songs.


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