Local Motion

The Crumbs

Insubordination Fest '08: Live from Baltimore (Insubordination Records)



Miami local music

Here are the Crumbs as a three-piece, rocking harder than most of their contemporaries in an excellent live document of one of their retrospective gigs. (The Crumbs have 16 years in the game, baby!) The DVD gives them the honor of color footage and a minimum of six camera angles. The 11 tracks on the accompanying live CD appear here too, in their full glory. Consider it justice finally served to one of the South's best, undisputed champions of punk rock 'n' roll!

DJ Sire Esq.

Allin (Culture Kings)


Not only can DJ Sire Esquire drop a mean set at a local club, but also homeboy can still funk up, tea up, fuck up, and own tracks like nobody's business. This disc features 34 reworked numbers that at times rock better than the originals. Together they give the listener an uninterrupted, 80-minute playlist of get-low-and-sticky-and-come-back-to-my-room pieces that express the true gist of South Florida living. It's hot here for a reason, and Sire ain't helping the weather out with this disc. Get it, drop it, live your life in style, my babies. This is a solid mix with a Hunter S. Thompson streak. (Full disclosure: Sire Esq. occasionally writes about music for New Times under his real name, Bernard Hacker.)

The Jacuzzi Boys

Island Ave. (Hozac Records)


This EP is a hyper-surreal ride into the recesses of the Jacuzzi Boys' collective mythos. The sound is equal parts melting clocks and garage feedback. It is sexy in parts and just downright weird in others, but the bottom line of this very successful slab of wax is that it works. The title track does it, and "Dream Lion" leaves you questioning a thing or two, but it's the savvy rock 'n' roll of "You Should Know" that leaves your pretty little pussy mouth wet for more. Please contribute by buying this disc — let's get these boys a full-length out soon!


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