Local Motion 3

Sometimes a party isn't just a party. Sometimes it's Local Motion, the annual charity electro concert benefiting the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life, organized by Loscar Rodriguez — AKA HenceSoLo — and presented by Lexyn Intelligence and Nocturnal.

First launched in February 2006, Local Motion has been fighting the good fight without any give, raising consciousness and encouraging activism among young club kids. That's why it was such a bummer when last year's edition of the party with a cause never actually came together. But now, thank SoLo, Local Motion is back because Loscar's dedication simply runs too deep. For him, the war against the Evil C is personal — Rodriguez has lost several family members to cancer, including his father — and he can't wait for the cure. Until then, though, "Local Motion chooses to fight with music."

And — holy crap! — HenceSoLo has come fully equipped for the battlefield, backed by a lineup of 14 lethal electro artists blasting audio-visual firepower. Donating their cancer-killing talents, Brice Kelly and 214 will provide live PA musical support, plus Exzakt, UpRokk, Danny Daze, FTG, and HenceSoLo himself will perform DJ sets. Then, in a crazy bid to win the party-time arms race, tag teams Medley and Intellect, Ran-D and BassAddict, as well as Proliferation and Kounterakt will engage in beat battles. And let's not forget to mention the video assault of AV8 and Iris Beatrix. So come out, get militant, and donate your cancer-killing dollars because, like Loscar says, "Local Motion is not my party... It's our party!"


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