For more than a year, LMFAO (SMS shorthand for "laugh my fucking ass off") has been bastardizing the hipster-hop genre with its single "I'm in Miami, Bitch!" off its 2008 Party Rock EP. At one point, acts such as Kid Sister, Spank Rock, Amanda Black, and the Cool Kids seemed like they were going to make a legitimate case of introducing hip-hop to a new variation of itself. But with the unlikely breakthrough of "I'm in Miami, Bitch!" the emerging genre has been successfully turned into a flash-in-the-pan fad while at the same time securing LMFAO's place in the one-hit wonder hall of fame.

If people knew better, the song and its multiple variations wouldn't be so heavily requested on Power 96. And if people knew better, acts such as the Black Eyed Peas, who have their own repertoire of embarrassing singles (see "My Humps"), wouldn't have invited LMFAO to perform on the main stage at Ultra Music Festival. Still, the group returns to town, this Thursday at La Covacha.


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