Live Recordings With Garcia, Birdman's Clambake, and DJ Heron at Tobacco Road

Tobacco Road trivia: Al Capone used to get so wasted there that he'd have to take the night off from shooting people. You ever tried to hold onto a submachine gun after twenty shots of whiskey?

Not only is Tobacco Road the oldest active bar and music venue in Miami, but they make a great fuckin' hamburger, have a ton of drink specials, and host live bands seven days a week.

We checked in for a few hours last night, had a couple brews, smoked one with Heron and Oski, and then sat back and enjoyed the tunes from Birdman's Clambake, Garcia, and some cover band with a smokin' hot blonde.

There was almost nobody out by the parking lot stage when we were there, but that shit was awesome anyway and we pulled some decent audio. Check it out.

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