Lil Wayne Skateboards Outside Miami Beach Community Church, Threatens Photographer

Lil Wayne loves skateboarding. But when a photographer's flashbulb ruins his ollie, that's just fucked up.

Last week, according to a TMZ video, Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. was skateboarding 'round Miami Beach Community Church -- a United Church of Christ congregation at 1620 Drexel Avenue with a strict "No Skateboarding" policy -- when a photographer shot a pic of Wayne breaking the law.

"You're nobody, man," the photog yells after Wayne's entourage allegedly surrounds him.

"Then why you taking pictures of nobody?" Weezy responds. "Come back and talk to nobody. Watch what nobody do to your fucking face."

Following the altercation, the photographer filed an incident report with the Miami Beach Police Department, alleging that one of Lil Wayne's crew members spat on him while another smashed his bicycle with a skateboard.

Wayne's camp has yet to comment on the allegations, and the rapper has gone about business as usual. In fact, rather than worrying about potential criminal charges, Weezy spent Easter Sunday watching the Masters Golf Tournament.

Is golf gonna be Lil Wayne's new skateboarding?

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