Lil Wayne Drops Acid in the Suburbs, Makes Music Video With Pink Elephants and Big Sean

What happens when Lil Wayne takes a trip to the suburbs with a dreaded head full of lysergic acid diethylamide?

Homie hangs out with a headbanging pink pachyderm. Parties with dismembered mannequins. Hotboxes a McMansion. Skanks in the street. And pretends his skateboard is a one-man helicopter.

He stands on the ceiling with Big Sean while ants crawl on the walls. Mounts severed human heads in the study. And hits the cineplex with a bunch of skeletons.

Oh, and he also makes a music video. Just see the new four-minute-and-six-second clip, directed by Parris, for "My Homies Still" off Weezy's impending musical mindfuck, I Am Not a Human Being 2.

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