Life, Memories, and Music: A Memorial Concert for Sandeé of Exposé

Discovered during a walk-on rendition of Donna Summer's "Last Dance" at a local club, Sandra Tola was a young mother without any real ambition as a singer. Nevertheless, she soon found herself recruited into 1980s dance-pop trio Exposé. The group enjoyed quick success: signing to Arista Records, touring in support of Miami Sound Machine, and releasing a series of high-charting tracks, including "Point of No Return." But by mid-decade, the original lineup of Exposé had crumbled. So Sandra launched a solo career, becoming Sandeé while scoring a string of freestyle club hits that kept her performing into the 1990s and beyond.

Then, a few years ago, Sandeé became ill. Over time, her health worsened, serious complications developed, and she suffered a fatal heart attack December 15, 2008. The loss was devastating, especially for Sandeé's beloved granddaughter Genesis. In response, former Exposé manager Scot Haslet has organized a benefit for Sandeé with all proceeds going to a college fund for Genesis. Tito Puente Jr. will host the event, and among those slated to take part are Company B, Gioia Bruno, and Exposé creator Lewis A. Martineé.


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