Leftover Crack at Churchill's Pub December 28

Drug-smokin', Lower East Side-squattin', dumpster-divin' crust-metal pop-punk crew Leftover Crack is a band that's mastered the art of branding. For 14 years, these dudes have made themselves synonymous with unwashed, disgruntled vagabond youth culture, playing left-field ska-punk laced with death metal and hardcore. They've made shirts inspired by the Columbine murders and released an album cover depicting Dick Cheney pumping gasoline out of a flaming World Trade Center. But when the Crizack guys slither up and down the Sunshine State this holiday season, they will have to confront a bold, head-on assault against one of their key totems: the 40-ounce bottle of beer. We're pretty sure Florida's 32-ounce limit was put into effect by a time-traveling Rick Scott on a quest to shame our state with national embarrassments, like the 2000 election, the Elián González controversy, training the pilots who crashed into the Twin Towers, and so on, ad infinitum. But who knows? Maybe the Obama-era reefer-tokin' that is sweeping the nation will inspire a nationwide rewrite of antiquated narcotics and alcohol laws. Until then, here's hoping Leftover Crack's tour is really a front for a Merry Pranksters-like distribution road trip with acid swapped out for 40s of malt liquor.


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