Lee Burridge

British beat-juggler Lee Burridge is sort of a freak. Sure, turntablists are known to be an eccentric lot, but it's a safe bet that your average record spinner has never claimed to have done the nasty in a DJ booth, fallen in love with a vodou woman, and bombed around Burning Man on a bicycle while sporting a red tutu and mullet wig. Although we're uncertain whether these "highlights" from Burridge's bizarre bio actually happened, we know for a fact that the internationally recognized 39-year-old is an absolute freak at creating stellar mixes of self-described "wonky, bouncy, druggy house music." Burridge began honing his skills in 1985 and has spent the past 23 years spreading his music across the globe, from spending most of the Nineties working the Hong Kong underground to rocking clubs throughout the United States.


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