LeBron James and the Six Best NBA Rappers

LeBron James and the Six Best NBA Rappers

Rappers live the life. But deep down, they want to prove they can ball out on the court.

In turn, almost every NBA player fancies himself an MC. And though few have had any semblance of crossover success, some of them aren't half bad.

From our own King James to Metta World Peace, here are Crossfade's six favorite ballers turned beat boys.

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LeBron James

L.J. is killin' 'em courtside, but he's also got some freestyle game. When you hang out with as many rappers (e.g. Jay Z, Dr. Dre, Macklemore) as James, the skills must brush off. Do you think he helps the hip-hop community practice its dunks? Anyway, we are loving this #4BarsFriday. We hope it becomes a movement.

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Metta World Peace

On the court, Mr. Peace currently plays forward for the New York Knicks. But on the beat, he isn't playing at all. Bro has a discography full of collabs with legends like Tech N9ne, Diddy, Mike Jones, and Juvenile. He released his first album, My World, in 2006, and the raps keep coming. We also really love him on Key and Peele, just sayin'.

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