Since 1994, locals have known Venezuelan-born DJ Lazardi from the parties he's grown not only at Space but also at Nocturnal, Amika, Maze, Opium Garden, and Liquid. He began at Space in 2004, when the club's owner, Luis Puig, decided to try an "international party" in what was then the club's lounge.

"It worked well for about six months, until the Lounge became the VIP Room," Lazardi says. "Then in November '04, I started a party called World Sounds, which focused strictly on house music. It was a total success, and we did it until October 2005. Because of some personal issues, I stopped doing that party until April of 2007, but since then, we've been doing World Sounds at The Terrace once a month. I also play in the main room once a month, a huge marathon from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m., nonstop. But honestly I love it. The energy is just incredible."

As far as forthcoming releases, Lazardi is thinking big and long-term, meaning he's building his own studio. "Two songs are coming out this year on South Records, the record label of my friend, DJ-producer Tom Sawyer from Panama. By the end of the year, I'll have my own record label, called World Sounds."


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