Laura Meyer

Considering the circumstances surrounding the bungling would-be plane bomber on Christmas Day, Laura Meyer's decision to dub her recent northern jaunt "The Long Underwear Tour" might have proven somewhat unfortunate. So it's a wise choice she shed that banner for her current tour, which includes an extended stay in South Florida. (Of course, there's always a chance the recent blast of blustery weather might call for donning those long johns once again.)

Under whichever guise she comes, the fact is that Meyer might be the best singer-songwriter still unknown in these parts. She has garnered numerous awards from her frequent appearances on the summer festival circuit as well as recognition from BMI and ASCAP for her intimate songs. Stylistically, she freely crosses the transom between folk and blues in ways stirring and sensual. A well-traveled troubadour, she boasts deft guitar playing that also bolsters her credentials, giving her an extra edge that separates her from the rest of the singer-songwriter competition.


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