Lanzallamas Monofonica's European Tour Kickoff at Tobacco Road May 25

The fiery musical spear-chuckers of local big band Lanzallamas Monofónica will soon take their Afro-Latin superfusion sound to the Czech Republic. They've recently lined up a three-month residency at Prague's Retrokafe, a so-called salsoteka that might be ground zero for the exploding Latin dance trend in Europe.

Lead singer Fabi Patino says, "There's just a salsa craze over there right now, like, in Sweden and especially Prague. And that's been confirmed to us by the Europeans that we've met here. People keep telling us that we need to get out there, that we could be a major success.

"We're doing three to four nights a week, and just staying open to any other possibilities that might come up. We're also playing in Munich and Berlin, and maybe we'll go to Spain or Denmark too."


Lanzallamas Monofonica's European Tour Kickoff

10:30 p.m. Friday, May 25, at Tobacco Road, 626 S. Miami Ave., Miami; 305-374-1198; Cover costs $5 at the door. Ages 21 and up.

While YouTube, MP3s, Zumba workout soundtracks, and television dance shows have likely triggered Europe's fascination with Latin boogie music, Patino says that seeing Lanzas live could lead to more of the 305's bands becoming international sensations. "We're kind of pioneering the new Miami sound over there," the singer insists. "There are so many great bands here that we get spoiled because we hear it all the time. The shit we are doing here is fresh, and I'm very confident that they are going to love us [in Europe]. We have a real high-energy, dance-floor-oriented vibe heavily rooted in Afro-Latin rhythms. And it's fun."

Celebrate Lanzallamas Monofónica's European tour kickoff at the Road this Friday, because the band won't be back home till September, when it plans to start recording a new album.


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