Lanzallamas Monofonica at Van Dyke Cafe December 24

Making up words is fun, but it rarely yields any expression worth keeping (unless you count Peter Griffin's festizio). The band name Lanzallamas Monofonica is an exception. It isn't entirely fabricated: If you speak Spanish, you know lanzallamas to mean flamethrower. Meanwhile, monofónica refers to single-channel recording. Though the band most definitely does not limit itself to one channel, the name is dead-on, even if it comprises two otherwise mismatched words.

Lighting up dance floors at festivals and haunts around the city, the group prides itself on delivering what it calls "Afro-Latin-America-world-beat-dance-mezcla." Another made-up phrase! Multi-instrumentalist Fabi Patino, vocalist Cintia Lovo, percussionist Kenneth Metzker, bassist Diogo Brown, violinist Allison Irvine, pianist Camilo Sierra, and drummer Ivan Palma concoct the perfect auditory blend. They take the aforementioned styles, add many more, and synthesize it all into a cohesive, all-inclusive musical amalgamation. In one set, you might hear singing in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and even Serbian. And none of it sounds out of place.


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