It might well be the apocalypse if Ladytron is finally coming to Miami, and for the band's first appearance in Florida, no less. The members of Ladytron are spread across Europe, variously calling Liverpool, Glasgow, and Sofia, Bulgaria, home. But in the years since founders Reuben Wu and Daniel Hunt officially formed the group in 1998, they have only infrequently touched down in the United States, and never too far south of the Mason-Dixon line. Nevertheless their previous four albums of dreamy electronic pop struck a chord, perhaps most notably with the 2002 single "Seventeen" and its droning, near-emotionless female chorus: "They only want you when you're 17/When you're 21/You're no fun." In our youth-obsessed city, that's enough to incite a prequarterlife crisis. Still, there's no gimmickry in Ladytron's oeuvre, with each new album wandering further into expansive, digital sonic textures, yet always anchored by infectious melodies and the sweet, detached vocals of Mira Aroyo and Helena Marnie. Tonight's performance supports the group's fifth and latest effort, Extended Play. Meanwhile opener CSS might at first seem insufferably precious — the band's full name, Cansei de Ser Sexy, translates to "tired of being sexy," and its homeland, Brazil, is so hot right now in music geek circles. Still, these five cute females with bangs (and one guy with a beard) make fuzzy, digitally inflected ditties that are catchy and cheeky enough to render the hype incidental. — Arielle Castillo


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