LA Riots at Arkadia January 6

Often associated with violent street crime, urban decay, and N.W.A., South Central Los Angeles is generally considered a residential wasteland, the type of gritty, big-city neighborhood where dreams die and poverty prevails. During the '90s, it was the epicenter of the Rodney King scandal and inspired countless West Coast rap tracks and big-screen action flicks. And naturally, it's now the background for bass-heavy club bangers by City of Angels-based DJ duo LA Riots.

Named for the '92 riots that erupted in South Central after four police officers were acquitted of brutally beating King during a traffic stop, the hard-hitting team of Daniel LeDisko and Jon Pegnato is an electro-house demigod. They've remixed everyone from Weezer to Lady Gaga, toured relentlessly alongside MSTRKRFT and the Crystal Method, and dropped beats at some of the world's biggest music festivals, including Lollapalooza, Ultra, and Electric Zoo.

This Friday, LA Riots will be back in Miami Beach, smashing through Arkadia harder than a cinder block through a South Central storefront. Be warned, these dudes are vicious on the decks, and mayhem might ensue.


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