L.A. Riots

As electro-blog-house-whatever's star dims, the great one-track wonders of 2008 or so are slowly disappearing. (What, for example, happened to all those chainsaw-bassline-wielding people from L.A. who buzz-bombed every IheartComix compilation?) Still, when any trend wanes, those with talent make it through.

Among likely survivors is the duo L.A. Riots, which, of course, made its bones initially doing banger-styled remixes of hot indie-type acts. These re-rubs still form the bulk of the pair's recorded output, but these days, they're exploring broader turf. Recent efforts sometimes sport a new hip-hop flavor, as in the track "NASA," which marries the coastlines with featured vocals from both Method Man and E-40. Others still twist the vocals of groups like 30 Seconds to Mars into almost soulful dance-floor workouts. L.A. Riots hasn't softened its approach or slowed down the tempo at all, though, and the relentlessly uptempo, even female-friendly sound continues to pack bigger rooms.

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