L.A. Riots

The DJ/producer duo known as L.A. Riots is definitely a product of 2k8 — an amped-up style of French house and new electro mashed through the hyperspeed of the blogosphere. Making music together for just less than two years, Daniel LeDisko and Jo B quickly garnered massive downloads of their remixes for alt favorites such as Hot Chip, VHS or Beta, and Justice. Their cutup of the last's "DVNO" became a bona fide dance-floor smash, a stuttering, stamping, vocal-propelled edit that swells tornado-style to a strobe-light-ready computer-disco meltdown. Such addictive, indelibly left-coast creations garnered the guys a deal with the similarly minded Fool's Gold imprint, as well as one of those Scion-funded mix/sampler deals into which the car company keeps pumping marketing money.

Nuance is used only sparsely in L.A. Riots' sonic vocabulary. This is strictly for those who like their dance music relentlessly distorted, anthemic, crunchy, and, well, banging. And while plenty of Internet remixers with mysterious MySpace photos pop up every day, L.A. Riots remains among the cream of the sunglasses-at-night crop.


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