Kurt Elling might rant, rave, and scat at any time during his unceasing tour

Kurt Elling

During his ten-year career, jazz singer Kurt Elling has released six albums, and all have been nominated for Grammys. Renowned for his original compositions as well as his modern interpretations of standards, Elling has the unique ability to add meaningful lyrics to already meaningful works by jazz greats such as saxophonist John Coltrane, pianist Herbie Hancock, and guitarist Pat Metheny. Yet it's Elling's delivery that's most impressive, for his vocals bring back memories of old-school crooners like Sinatra and Crosby while maintaining an emotional drive toward his own romantic lyrics. And Elling's singing is made all the more entertaining by his improvised (and somewhat ridiculous) scatting and ranting throughout his performances. Though his last album came out in 2003, Elling has not relented in his touring, and neither has his supporting band: pianist Laurence Hobgood, bassist Rob Amster, and drummer Frank Parker Jr.


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