Who do that voodoo? Kudu so well. Founded in the Drrrty Drrrty (Atlanta, a.k.a. the A Game) but refined in the Borough of Kings (Brooklyn), Kudu shed all baby fat and jazz-fusion while producing the sinewy full-length, Death of the Party. Kudu — the collaboration of Deantoni Parks and Sylvia Gordon — layers skeletal skitters, sweat-beaded electro-funk, and lithe vocals. Hints of the Creatures, Talk Talk, Blondie, and ESG lurk throughout the visceral vamps, while P-Funk to Peshay, show tunes to Squarepusher, romp in the raw polyrhythmic mlange. Kudu's Urban New Wave is more of a charismatic ebb and flow than a tidal wave of attitude, but with a sexualized rip current of cabaret presence, the combo's sultry eddies are sure to sweep you up.


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