KRS-One, Cex, Make Believe

Is the real hip-hop over here? The combination of the legendary KRS-One, the chameleonic rap musician Cex, and staunch indie-rockers Make Believe would seem to make for an irreverent night of fireworks and awkward glances. Alas, one of the greatest rappers of all time will be appearing at an early show for the benefit of backpackers and holdovers from the Billboard R&B and Hip-Hop Conference and Awards on Miami Beach (where he'll receive a lifetime achievement award at a Friday ceremony) before the weekly Saturday Poplife crowd takes over I/O. Sometime after that, Cex and Make Believe will descend to play for easily converted hipsters. Here's hoping that the lineup, however carefully demarcated, leads to a few awkward, genre-blending moments. KRS-One rapping with Cex while Make Believe plays behind them? That would be something to see.


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