Krewella at LIV December 12

You know what EDM needs? More sex kittens. 'Cause if you're going to be banging in the club, you need some eye candy with a lil' edge, like fierce Chicago trio Krewella. Working a trendy mix of hard dub and house with catchy sing-rap vocals, this toothsome threesome whips up entertaining live performances with serious sex appeal. But don't be fooled by Krewella's pretty side. These three party peeps got chops too. Sisters Jaman and Yasmine Yousef provide the luscious vocals while the producer in the group, Rain Man, handles beats and drops. Debut hit "Killin It" sent them skyrocketing up the charts and into festival lineups at Electric Daisy Carnival and Electric Zoo. As soon as their EP Play Hard was released, it immediately shot to the top spot on Beatport. And now Jaman, Yasmine, and Rain Man have unleashed the followup, Play Harder, which means you have a few days to download it and learn to love Krewella before Wednesday's sex-kittenish bang sesh under LIV's big, bright SoBe lights.


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