Korn Goes Dubstep and Five Other Odd Midcareer Music Genre Jumps

​American nu-metal crew Korn garnered mixed reactions from fans this year by announcing that the band's jumped on the dubstep bandwagon.

The creepy quartet's upcoming tenth studio album, The Path of Totality, will introduce its new dub-metal sound, forged in collaboration with renowned producers like Skrillex, Excision, 12th Planet, and Noisia.

Now haters will hate. But let's face it -- this new direction is not that big of a leap for Korn.

To be clear, when we say dubstep, we really mean brostep, that sound popularized by the likes of Skrillex and much maligned by the snobs. Its brash, aggressive distorted wobble is not that different from the bass-heavy metal Korn became famous for. It's no coincidence that Korn and Skrillex appeal to the same demographic -- namely angsty white suburban headbangers.

So Korn going dubstep is far from career suicide. In fact, it's the best thing the band could have done at this point in its dwindling career, as it will keep Davis and crew relevant and popular with the kids. And it's certainly not the first time a musical act jumps genres with decidedly positive results.

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