Kill the Noise

Ewun, hailing from Rochester, New York, has made a lot of drum 'n' bass hay out of his love for hip-hop, distortion, and glitchy breakbeats. Unbeknownst to d'n'b scenesters, though, a set of Justice-like electro grooves has been lurking in his hard drive, waiting for the right time to make themselves known, which apparently is now.

Kill the Noise is a project Ewun has long had on the back burner, busily occupied as he's been with multiple North American tours, a European tour with Atlanta-based jungle threesome Evol Intent, and several releases, including his debut EP for Evol Intent Recordings. Along with all of this enthusiastically accomplished busy work has been his Ludichrist hip-hop-and-everything-else mashup collaboration with — take a guess — Knick of Evol Intent.

Kill the Noise struck cred-dirt early on with supercrunchy remixes of nu-disco tunes such as Chromeo's "Call Me Up" and Cryptonites' "I Can't Give You Up." It's a fair bet that in the end, this project will mark a short pit stop in Ewun 's career, mainly to pay homage to Justice, MSTRKRFT, and sinister noisemeisters including Combichrist (toward that comparison, the track "Kill Kill Kill" is exhibit A). But it's not been an overly dull moment thus far.


Kill the Noise

With Ewun. Saturday, July 5. Laundry Bar, 721 N. Lincoln Ln, Miami Beach. Show starts at 11 p.m. Admission is free. Ages 21+ with ID. 305-531-7700,


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