Kevin Saunderson

Detroit DJ legend Kevin Saunderson knows how to keep a dance floor packed from late night till early morning. He's been DJing all over the globe and pioneering various styles of techno for the past 25 years. He specializes in producing a hard-edged form of blacktronica. It's rooted in soul and jazz, which you can hear if you have the ear for it, but where those genres stop, Saunderson has built a career out of exploring every sonic dimension around them. His early stuff during the days of the Belleville 3 (with partners Derrick May and Juan Atkins) had a defined ghetto-tech appeal, but as Saunderson continues to travel and evolve, his productions have ditched the ghetto basement beats of his youth and morphed into a global house/techno sound. It's difficult to predict what kind of music he'll be playing when he hits town this weekend. The 43-year-old innovator can rock any style of music and still keep things electronic yet funky.


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