Kanye West's I Am God and Ten Other Terrible Album Titles

Kanye West's I Am God and Ten Other Terrible Album Titles

Confidence is sexy. But someone forgot to tell Kanye West about the rule of subtlety.

Personally, we think the egomaniacal musician is the genius he claims to be. But all things in moderation.

No doubt, his forthcoming album will be a righteous game-changer, inevitably topping charts, and burrowing into our unconscious minds. That's why a modest album title (or maybe something totally bizarre like My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy) would fit nicely.

But alas, Kanye is on that Reading Rainbow, I-can-do-anything tip, and he's considering the working title, I Am God. Sure, it could be seen as offensive. But what's worse is it's not even funny.

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Kind of like these other terrible album titles.

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Lil Wayne's I Am Not a Human Being 2

First thing first: Fuck Lil Wayne. He's a no-good, jeggings-wearing, pansy-thug half-asser who thinks he can sit on his laurels because Tha Carter III was legitimately awesome. But now he can't stop chugging codeine and inducing seizures long enough to freestyle his way out of Nikki Minaj's rancid, pop-curdling vagina. Second thing second: This album title sucks for the same reason I Am God is terrible: It's not subtle, it's not funny, it's just not true, and he did it twice. Boooooorriiiiing.

Limp Bizkit's Chocolate Starfish and Hot Dog Flavored Water

The only person that thinks Limp Bizkit is a good band is Lil Wayne, which says a lot. But back in the early 2000s, kids in middle school thought they were pretty funny too. Everyone grew up, and it turns out this album title is still fucking stupid. It's some kind of play on a scatological joke, but it would be funnier if they just said This Album Is a Piece of Shit. See, Mr. West? That's how you do meta-funny.

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