Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's Baby:
Five Rumored Names!

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's Baby: Five Rumored Names!

Everyone's talking about Kanye West's new album and how awesome it's going to be. Meanwhile, Kim K is getting so plumped up, we know that baby is about to drop.

His new album has a ridiculous name, and it goes without saying that the Louis Vuitton Don will concoct some insane moniker for his wriggling bundle of joy. Inside sources tell gossip rags that Kanye is heading the name-game, and we're not too surprised. Bro has a vision and he doesn't let anyone get in the way of his artistry.

But what will the lil' saggy bb's name be? Here are Crossfade's best guesses.

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We all know Kanye is very religious. Or rather, he loves flashing religious iconography around and he's got no problems rapping about God. If he'll name a record I Am God, surely the name "Jesus" is in the running. And just imagine the adorable moment when Kimye's baby takes its first steps. Kanye can yell out with righteous pride, "Jesus walks!" Best circumstantial LOL ever.

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