Kanye Quits Twitter! Blame Kim Kardashian and These Five Other Possible Censors

Guys ... Kanye is acting really weird.

In a totally uncharacteristic move, the mouthiest, most self-righteous rapper breathing deleted all his genius tweets, with basically no warning or explanation.

How could he do such a thing? Like, we're gonna let you finish ... But Kanye West is the best tweeter of all time! His 140 characters or less were even worthy of beiing paired with New Yorker cartoons, because they're that insightful and important.

What could possibly have gone wrong? Someone is to blame, and we have a few ideas who it could be.

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Kim Kardashian

Bros got a serious hard-on for this perfect bitch's ass. He's been in love with her since she was steady bangin' Ray J for the whole world to see. But it turns out the stepfather of the would-be bootylicious bride can't stand her new beau one bit. Maybe Kim K pulled that pussy-power card on Ye in hopes that a new quitter, less public Yeezy could win ol' Bruce Jenner's heart.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is blowing up the charts right now, and everyone knows how much she just loves to write songs about the men who've screwed her in life. Kanye has a lot on his plate right now. Maybe he's doing a lil damage control, opting to fly under the radar and toast the douchebags silently for a while.

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