Justin Timberlake's Five Easy Steps to Being Sexy

Justin Timberlake's Five Easy Steps to Being Sexy

Justin Timberlake.

Those words are enough to make any woman need to change her panties, and we'd venture to say a lot of gentleman can't help but be titillated as well. He's the dreamiest dream-boat this side of a wet-dream, and you're god-damn right Jessica Biel wakes up every day wondering how she got so lucky.

If every man started each day with the intention of being a little more like Timberlake, the world would be a better place. Your girlfriend would definitely stop harassing you about that thing you didn't even realize you do, and she would absolutely let you do that thing you always wanted to but she was too embarrassed to try.

If you want to make your woman happy, take her to see Justin Timberlake, and then do all of these things, every day.

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He is a great dancer

Your girlfriend says that she likes the stupid dance you do (unless you know what you're doing, you've got one move, and it makes you look kind of stupid), and she does, but she would like you a whole lot better if you took the time to learn how to move with her. When properly maneuvered, a dance-floor session is like a preview for what banging you would be like. A guy who can dance well with a woman is definitely getting action.

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