Justin Bieber's Miami Clubbing Spree: Illegal If True, According to Police

L'enfant terrible better known as Justin Bieber sure had fun yesterday gallivanting around the cities of Miami and Miami Beach.

Miami Herald gossip columnist Lesley Abravanel reported that Bieber stopped by places like Hyde and Bamboo after jumping on the Heat bandwagon earlier that evening at the American Airlines Arena.

Sounds like another celebrity enjoying everything South Beach has to offer? Right?

Well... It would be if it weren't illegal.

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UPDATE Justin Bieber's bodyguards have allegedly attacked at photographer in Miami. They're being accused of battery and theft.

UPDATE #2 Bieber actually fought another photographer in Miami. And it was all caught on tape. "Grab that camera! Get that fucking camera outta here!"

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Justin Bieber's Miami Clubbing Spree: Illegal If True, According to Police

Crossfade hasn't see any photo evidence that Bieber actually stopped by these nightclubs. But if true, those establishments could be fined by Miami Beach code enforcement.

Miami Beach Police spokesperson Sgt. Bobby Hernandez says the law is pretty clear that nightclubs on Miami Beach can only admit patrons 21 and over. No exceptions are made for celebrities. However, the admitting of an underage patron is only a civil violation. If Hyde or Bamboo knowingly served Bieber a drink, then they could be hit with a criminal violation and the police would then get involved.

Bad news for the Biebz.

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