Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and Eight Other Undercover Alien Pop Stars

If there's anything we've learned from the Men in Black movies, it's that aliens are everywhere. They could be on the bus, in the break room, or even singing to us on MTV.

Those movies always include fun little pop culture cameos and MIB III director Barry Sonnenfeld recently announced the upcoming film will blow the lid on undercover extraterrestrials Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.

Let's take a closer look at the alien lives of the Biebz and Gaga, as well as eight other musicians who we suspect are really from another planet.

Justin Bieber

He made some YouTube videos. And because he was a cutie pie, he got a lot of views. He was given a record deal, suddenly becoming Planet Earth's top teen heartthrob. At first glance, it was a nice, innocent story. But isn't appealing to the technologically obsessed hearts and minds of gooey preteen girls, like, the perfect plan for an alien invader hell-bent on world domination? Those gooey girls grow up, then they become sex slaves, then they kill world leaders for their Biebster. And no one will ever see it coming.

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Lady Gaga

Here's another celebrity with legions of crazed fans willing to do anything she says. It starts with SoundScans and ends with the New World Order, fronted by a maniacal singing temptress wearing a load of meat on her head. These millions of little monsters know not what they do. But even if they did, something tells us they really wouldn't care.


This Southern rapper comes off as entertainingly eccentric. But his Georgia roots are actually a cover story for his ATLien origins. He doesn't want you to know what in the world he's got in that bag because it's full of alien production equipment and documents explaining how the Egyptians built the pyramids. Plus, the Bieber connection! But we believe he comes in peace. Unless, of course, you're driving the speed limit on the highway. After you've traveled at light speed, 75 just doesn't feel right.

Perry Farrell

The Jane's Addiction frontman and Lollapalooza founder has always been a little strange. And we know why: There's no way this guy is an earthling. He's too energetic for a 53 year old. And remember that Porno for Pyros song, "We'll Make Great Pets"? Listen up, people, he's trying to tell us something.


This one is fairly obvious. He makes space music on a computer, and he just plain looks like he's not from around here. Plus, our inside sources tell us he was born on a dark planet in a neighboring galaxy, where inhabitants believe the gods live underground. This explains why Mr. Moore is always looking down and mumbling.

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