Julio Iglesias

There are few hispanophone ladies and gents of a certain age who at some point have not been reduced to misty eyes by the ballad stylings of suave Spaniard Julio Iglesias. Although Iglesias's true crossover peak came mainly in the 1980s, he has hardly receded from the international spotlight, cranking out at least one album a year since the turn of the millennium. Late 2006, especially, marked something of an Iglesias revival, with heavy promotion of his Romantic Classics best-of collection on English-language TV shows such as Dancing with the Stars, Good Morning America, and The View. He has continued to perfect his panty-dropping skills in multiple languages, recording again in French in 2007, with Quelque chose de France. And, truly, what is more romántico than a Julio Iglesias concert on Valentine's Day? So buy your abuela, or even your mom, a ticket to his concert at the American Airlines Arena. It will make her so happy.


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