Jorge Drexler

Thanks to "Al Otro Lado del Río" ("The Other Side of the River"), the Oscar-winning song from The Motorcycle Diaries soundtrack, the domestic release of Uruguayan pop poet Jorge Drexler's seventh album (which was released overseas last year) couldn't have come at a better moment. Drexler is a superb singer-songwriter informed by the electronic age, and Eco (Echo) won't disappoint those who venture into its original and stylish take on classic South American rhythms such as milonga,tango,andbossa. The Madrid-based guitarist knows how to groove, he can definitely sing, and he writes deep lyrics in the best tradition of his mentor in Spain, Joaquin Sabina. "I am a Jewish Moor/That lives with Christians/I don't know whose God is mine/Nor who my brothers are," sings Drexler in "Milonga del Moro Judío."

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