Jorge Celedón

Singer-songwriter Jorge Celedón and accordionist Jimmy Zambrano released their first album in the States in 2008, but they've been performing together for years. They've put the vallenato culture on the map by playing around the world, including a gig at the White House in front of former President George W. Bush in celebration of Colombian Independence Day.

Through their growing international popularity, the two musicians have given back to their community, often bringing attention to Colombia's various social problems. Their music is also socially conscious — even the duo's most romantic songs denounce guerrilla warfare.

Celedón has been performing since he was 7 years old and learning from his uncle, Daniel Celedón, a member of El Doble Poder. Although Jimmy Zambrano's musical past doesn't date back as far as Jorge Celedón's, Zambrano has played with several other bands and produced vallenato artists such as Adriana Lucia, Los Emigrantes, Alejandro Manga, Hebert Vargas, and Francisco Javier. As a twosome, Celedón and Zambrano boast a Latin Grammy and are poised for another visit to the Sunshine State.


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