Jolly Badfellow and Hang Jowls

Fort Lauderdale's Jolly Badfellow boasts an old-school punk style something like Jabbers duking it out with early Green Day. But there's a real knuckle ball: the upright bass played by a dude who calls himself Elvis Munster. Never underestimate guys with silly-ass stage names lugging around unwieldy instruments. Munster keeps up just fine on the band's speed-punk tunes. For instance, take "Humdrum," which would have fit in just fine on the Ramones' Animal Boy LP. Despite his band's rep as a psychobilly unit, Munster maintains they're simply "a punk rock band with an upright bass." That's not to take anything away from the psychobilly genre, though. "It's always fun playing with psychobilly bands," he says. "That's the music that'll make kids eat the family pet, not death metal."

Such gracious critique, and timely too, being that the Badfellows will be sharing the Churchill's stage with Davie-based Hawg Jowls and the Bacon Fats. Comprising "two Mass-holes, a cat from NYC, and a right-wing conservative Christian cop," J. Jowls and his posse enjoy near-death alcohol-poisoning experiences, as well as beating old Hank Williams and Johnny Paycheck songs into the ground.


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