John Digweed, Desyn Masiello

The man behind the Bedrock empire needs little introduction in these parts; as one of the chief beneficiaries of the American rave explosion of the late Nineties, his epic trance tag-team sets with Sasha, captured on mix CDs such as Northern Exposure, helped define electronic music for a generation. Today, he's one of the most influential tastemakers in UK clubland, breaking artists such as Chris Fortier, Jimmy Van M, and Steve Porter through his Kiss 100 radio broadcast on Saturday nights and his long-running club night and record label, Bedrock. London-born Desyn Masiello already has an established reputation, thanks to his association with Deep Dish and a reputation for Yoshitoshi-style house sets. But he'll undoubtedly get a bump in popularity from his U.S. DJ tour with Digweed, which touches down on South Beach Monday night.


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