John Acquaviva

Italian-born DJ John Acquaviva has called Ontario, Canada, his home for most of his life, but as one of the most elite and in-demand techno DJs, he calls the world his stage. He cofounded the seminal techno labels Plus 8 and Definitive with cohort Richie Hawtin, and the two have been techno stars throughout Europe, Asia, South America, and the States for 15 years. In recent years, Acquaviva has been a consultant for and early proponent of Final Scratch software, which allows MP3 files to be played on turntables through specially encoded pieces of vinyl. It's a handy way for Acquaviva to have tens of thousands of tunes (which he meticulously catalogues by tempo and style) at his disposal on any given night. Rest assured that no matter the direction the crowd dictates, Acquaviva will know what to do.


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