Joe Preston: A Brutal Five-Part Guide, From Earth and Melvins to Thrones

Joe Preston: A Brutal Five-Part Guide, From Earth and Melvins to Thrones
Photo by Jean-Marc Luneau

You know something's up when legendary South Florida-slash-Gainesville metal group Floor is playing a local show and it's not even the band we're most excited about.

We love Floor, its signature metallic hum, and bright pop flourishes. But next weekend, that beloved heavy-tuneage outfit will share the Churchill's Pub stage with West Coast one-man wrecking crew, Thrones (AKA Joe Preston), an elegant brute who's also a straight-up superstar of stoner rock.

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Preston played bass on archetypal doom-drone band Earth's 1991 debut, Extra-Capsular Extraction. That group's chief songwriter, Dylan Carlson, drafted Joe and another bassist, Dave Harwell, to help redefine the low end in rock 'n' roll with thick riffs, languorous tempo, and obsessive tone crafting. In the '70s, Black Sabbath had created the template, and none of the infinite subgenres or niche variations, from power metal to grindcore, did much of anything besides crossbreed Tony Iommi's Sabbath-style riffage with various strains of punk and hardcore. But then, in the early '90s, Carlson and Preston reinvented and reinvigorated metal. Unfortunately, Joe's tenure didn't last more than a year. But hey, opening your resumé with Earth's first record ain't too shabby.

The Melvins

As a quick Google search will reveal, Earth's Carlson was not particularly pleased with his heavily bearded bassist's performance. But he was extra pissed off when Preston jumped ship to join Buzz Osborne and the Melvins. As with Earth, Preston played alongside Osborne and gang for only about a year. Thankfully, though, Mr. Thrones's membership with the Melvins was immortalized in the form of the immaculate Lysol LP, not to mention a handful of EPs.

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