Joaquin Sabina at American Airlines Arena May 27

Joaquín Sabina is a true songwriter. He's also a singer. And yes, he's a living legend in his native Spain.

Over the course of a 33-year career as a recording artist, Sabina has amassed a ton of honors and accolades. And it all began with Sabina's first number one single, "Pongamos Que Hablo de Madrid" ("Let's Bet I Speak of Madrid") off his second album, Malas Compañías (Bad Company). But it's not really his singing — though his raspy voice is unique and immediately recognizable — that has made him one of la madre patria's most prized artists.

More than his other talents, Sabina's songwriting has been heralded for its thematic depth and singular way with language. A wordsmith in every sense of the word, he has proven his talent on every one of his 20 albums. Yet at the end of the day, the man is still a performer. And he'll give the people of Miami a rare chance to see him live when he plays the AAA this Friday.


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