Jive Collective

The Miami jazz fusion circuit has become somewhat of a phenomenon. Although the genre has existed since the Sixties, a noticeable surge in horns and keyboards has taken over local bands and nightclubs. Suddenly every band is a jazz-funk-rock-R&B crossover. From Brazilian to Afro-Cuban, avant-garde to acid, jazz is quickly regaining its title as nightlife entertainment king. Soon hipsters might be trading their Arctic Monkeys album for Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock records. Enter Jive Collective, an up-and-coming jazz-funk outfit signed with LoKee Entertainment and headed by Aussie saxophonist Troy Roberts. Still in its infancy (the band was created only a year ago), Jive Collective (formerly the Method) has already won the 2005 Down Beat award for Best Funk/Rock Broup. The quintet's sound is a winning combination of old and new. Part old-school smooth lounge, part futuristic funk, Jive Collective's tracks undulate with dreamy keyboard work and soulful horns that emanate a traditional jazz sound. At times slow and easy, and others psychedelic and spacy, Jive Collective's method seems to be working. — Alexandra Quiñones


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