Jimmy Buffett

If you've ever been to a Jimmy Buffett show, we're just preaching to the choir when we say it's a one-of-a-kind experience. The Parrothead community is one of the great followings in music history, on par with Deadheads. Arriving at the venue, you might be momentarily disoriented by the atmosphere, more carnival-in-the-Keys than concert tailgate. Sure, there are plenty of trucks and tents, barbecues, and people suckling at the hosed teat that provides sweet keg milk. But there's so much more.

You might see portable tiki bars manned by smiling faces blending frozen concoctions to help you hang on. There might be fans toasting doobs to the Coral Reefers in appropriate fashion. Hell, you might even witness a wedding of two Hawaiian shirt-clad Parrotheads, attended by more concertgoers in luau attire and conducted by a real judge in a grass skirt and lei. And if you scalped a pair of fourth-row seats for only $15, all the better. Because that's the magic of Jimmy Buffett. His music brings people together in celebration of all the good things in life — good food, cold booze, and carefree fun. It's why he has maintained that following for 40 years.


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