Jesse Perez
Jesse Perez

Jesse Perez's Pastelito Party

For true 305ers, Winter Music Conference and Miami Music Week can seem like tourist hour.

Oh, so you wanna come to South Beach, watch a bunch of national acts, and then go home to the shitty snow and talk about how much you "love Miami"?

But if you're lookin' for an authentic MIA experience, search no further than Jesse Perez and Mr. Nice Guy Records' Pastelito Party, featuring booty bass music, local pastries, and real Cuban tías.


Jesse Perez's Pastelito Party

Jesse Perez and Mr. Nice Guy Records' Pastelito Party: With Sishi Rosch, Mika Materazzi, Sex Sells, and Chalk. Noon to 8 a.m. Wednesday, March 26, at the Clevelander Hotel, 1020 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach; 305-532-4006; Tickets cost $15 plus fees via Ages 21 and up.

"The whole concept behind the Pastelito Party is just to give people a little taste of Miami," Perez says. "Most party concepts that happen during WMC are all very similar. Not to put anyone else down, but it's kind of the same lineups and the same concepts.

"With this one, it's pretty much a showcase of Miami talent. And at the same time, we're giving out free Cuban pastries. So people coming from out of town, they're going to get to eat some cuisine that they wouldn't normally find anywhere else."

The lineup will keep it 305 and funky as hell, with performances by Chalk, Sex Sells, Mika Materazzi, Sishi Rosch, and Perez himself.

"Sichi just moved to Miami, and everyone else is, like, born and raised in Miami," Perez points out. "All these guys are people I've listened to throughout the years, and they're all really talented. They're unknown because they just haven't had someone take them to the next level. They haven't had that stamp yet. But all these guys are really 100 percent legit at what they do."

Representing different styles, flavors, and vibes, this rooftop throwdown won't be the usual WMC and MMW showcase. Expect the unexpected and a whole lot of colorful bass.

"I picture those backyard parties, girls touching their toes, and a guy grinding behind her. Somebody might read that and think this is some offensive shit, but it's really out of humor more than anything else."

The theme is no-bullshit too. The flyer is a picture of Perez at a childhood birthday party. And just in case he wasn't keepin' it trill enough for you, he's got his mom and his aunt working the door.

"I want people to get more of the Cuban-American feel just so they know where we're coming from," he says. "Like a backyard thing in Hialeah, you've got your pastelitos and some good music. This is as Miami as it can get."


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