Jeffrey Luck Lucas

Former Morlock member Jeffrey Luck Lucas parlays his Michael Madsen dead-ringerness into a Tom Waitseye view of Americana, where the proletariat sits at home all the time, bummed to the gills over the city — Memphis, let's say, even though Lucas is from Frisco — that holds it hostage by catering to its fetishes for dingy 7-Eleven stores and cameo appearances on Cops. Mumbling through a megadose of Novocain scored during his guest shot with Neurosis, our guy in black restrains himself from diving right into the Chris Isaak whammy-bar kook-out country you can smell coming ("Fall in Love Wrong") by soaking himself for a full six minutes in two acoustic guitar-plucked minor chords during "You Knew It Well," which isn't irretrievably bad given the interplay between his ever-weepy cello and a slide guitar. In "Grifos Muertos" you can clean your navel to a moth-eaten-sounding tango that might have fit somewhere into the Corpse Bride soundtrack. Pray very hard that your cutting-addicted dorm-mate never catches wind of this.


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