Jeff Zagers at Churchill's Pub October 5

The South is about as traditional as it gets. Just go to an SEC tailgate party or a stock-car race and count the Confederate flags, pickup trucks on lift kits, and camouflage beer cozies. You'll never finish. But the South is also home to some of the finest cities in America, like that artistically rich Georgia gem, Savannah. Over the past several years, this Southern city has become one of the nation's thriving arts capitals, hosting a number of yearly music and theater festivals showcasing the area's best homegrown talent. And among the gifted is Savannah-based multi-instrumentalist Jeff Zagers. Specializing in "outsider synth-pop," he has released music in nearly every format imaginable — from cassettes to digital downloads. He has seamlessly crossed genres and forged a truly unique sound. Catch him at Roofless Records' Freeform Friday #2.


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