James Holden

James Holden likes to blend and crash genres

James Holden's spanking-new album, At the Controls (Resist), is an amalgamation of various genres from the electronic music spectrum. Tracks by the likes of Plastikman and Fennesz flow with complete disregard to their differences in style. Holden's original productions and remixes have been tinged with almost every type of sound, from progressive house to electronica and beyond. His sets are renowned for being galvanized with fresh, unheard material by promising up-and-comers — most of which have joined the ranks of his Border Community imprint. As a result of Holden's diverse creations and his label's groundbreaking artists, this UK boy will be featured in URB's Next 100 Artists to Watch in April 2006.

1. Petter, "Some Polyphony" (Border Community)
2. Alex Smoke, "Anima" (Soma)
3. Clark, "Frau Wav" (Brief Fling) (Warp)
4. 7Hurtz, "Stokers Motor" (Output)
5. Motor, "Jizm" (Acieeed)
6. Avus, "Spanker" (CD)
7. Fortdax, "The Pheasant's Eye" (Very Friendly)
8. Extrawelt, "Kaputt" (CD)
9. Depeche Mode, "The Darkest Star" (Holden Dub) (Mute)
10. Patrick Chardronnet, "Eve by Day" (Ripperton Remix) (Connaisseur Recordings)

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