Jacki-O's debut album, Poe Little Rich Girl, is finally seeing release after her former label, Warner Bros., temporarily shelved it back in February. Now signed to TVT, Jacki-O and her Poe Boy production team have retooled the album, adding key collaborations with rap stars such as Ghostface Killah, and sharpening its focus on sex.

Over seventeen tracks, Jacki-O does it everywhere. She shows you her "Sugar Walls," marvels over her "Pussy (Real Good)," and sings about how "Pretty" she is. This is all accomplished over a solid hour of top-notch tracks from a handful of hot Southern producers. Red Spyda backs "Sugar Walls" with a percussive African drum loop; memorably, Gorilla Tek laces "Pussy (Real Good)" with a nasty synth hook that oozes pure lust.

As the self-described gangsta bitch -- and really, what else can a talented woman be in the strip-club world of crunk? -- Jacki-O rides these beats with aplomb, roasting local rival Trina on "Slow Down" ("Damn, ho/In ö98 you had fans, ho/What the fuck happened to you?") and trading choruses with Jazze Pha on "Break You Off." It's clear that she knows how to rap, and her flow keeps in time with the music, even as her words grow more and more outrageous.

Jacki-O is such a skilled rhymer, in fact, that one wonders why she sticks to celebrating her pussy power. Isn't there more to this Poe Little Rich Girl than fucking? But, as they say, don't hate the player, hate the game.


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