It's All Merry

What happens when Santa Claus lands his sleigh in North Miami? A whole lotta elves ditching the North Pole for the Dirty South. Either that or it's time for Quick Hit Records' annual hip-hop holiday. Although the Quick Hitters might be better known for rattling windshields with the thug threat "Take It Outside" than for wrapping gifts or singing Christmas carols, every year the rappers bring a little cheer to the hood with Family Day. Fresh from an appearance on Showtime At the Apollo, Q Dizzo and the rest of the boys put on a free holiday show and you're invited. And just to make sure you're not naughty, you can scream along with the Quick Hit Boyz "FCAT Anthem," the best pro-educational track since the days of Schoolhouse Rock: "It went from ABC/Ta geometry/Algebra ta trigonometry/Ta get on this mic boy you gotta straight clown/You gotta know what's a adverb and pronoun."


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